A Residency with a Legacy

“The Coloured Cube’s 3-month artist residency at the Windybrow Arts Centre has come to an end but the legacy that they will be leaving behind will continue to benefit the users of the Centre”, is how Market Theatre Foundation CEO Ismail Mahomed described the conclusion of the first artist residency at the historic 121-year old heritage house managed by the Market Theatre Foundation.

In June 2017, the Coloured Cube was appointed together with Sticky Situation to re-activate the dormant arts centre which has been given a second lease on life by the Market Theatre Foundation. Today, the Centre is a hub of activity with more than 120 children visiting it each day for a range of programmes in drama, music, dance and visual art.

The Exclusive Books Pan-African Reading Room for children and the Pan-African Reading Lounge for adults is one of several initiatives that were led by Mariapaola McGurk, the director of the Coloured Cube.

“The residency anchored itself in building partnerships that are long term, visionary and which can strengthen African narratives. It’s the end of a 3-month residency but it’s not the end of our relationship with the Coloured Cube. They are a vibrant and dynamic company who work with a diverse group of artists in the inner-city of Johannesburg. Our creative paths are bound to intersect with them again in different ways,” added Mahomed.

‘What an honor it has been to work alongside Market Theatre Foundation and Sticky Situations! We wish Nomalanga and Sticky Situations energy, continued passion and vision as they navigate their way through phase two of the residency. Thank you to the public who have been incredibly supportive both within Hillbrow and the arts community at large, we now stand alongside you in support of the work that will continue at the centre.’ Mariapaola McGurk

During the residency, the Coloured Cube has worked closely with the management of the Market Theatre Foundation to develop a framework that will allow the newly-appointed Administrator at the Windybrow Arts Centre, Nomalanga Nkosi, to slip into her role.

Nomalanga will continue to work with the Sticky Situation to strengthen networks with a range of community organisations in the inner-city. Their residency comes to an end in December.

For further information contact:

Lusanda Zokufa,
Senior Publicist,
Market Theatre Foundation
011 832 1641 ext 202
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