From Biography to Stage:
Hani, Ruth First and Bram Fisher

In 2012, Winnie Mandela was reported in the Guardian commenting on the film about her life Winnie, “I have absolutely nothing against Jennifer Hudson, the film’s star, but I have everything against the movie itself,” and further, “I was not consulted. I am still alive, and I think that it is a total disrespect to come to South Africa to make a movie about my struggle, and call that movie some translation of a romantic life of Winnie Mandela.”

Visual art depictions on President Jacob Zuma by Brett Murray and Ayanda Mabulu have also attracted much controversy. While information on these individuals are in the public domain, how do artists engage their artistic license and maintain historical accuracy, and to what extent should they require the endorsement of the individual discussed?

Join the conversation at the Market Theatre when the Head of the Market Theatre Laboratory, Clara Vaughan talks to Leila Henriques about the making of the Market Theatre Laboratory’s Standard Bank Gold Ovation Award winning play, HANI: THE LEGACY. Leila Henriques will be joined on the panel by Jacqui Rens who played Ruth First in the stage adaptation of Ruth First 117 Days directed by Marcel Meyer.

The discussion will be followed by a special screening of the Dutch-produced film on the life of Bram Fischer. The audience will have the opportunity to engage with the Dutch director, Jean van der Velde via conference call.

The forum discussion and film screening form part of a five-day partnership between the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Market Theatre Foundation. The event kicked off yesterday with a vibrant and engaging inter-generational dialogue that reflected on the Culture in Another South Africa Festival that took place in Amsterdam in 1987.


Venue: Market Square (138 Lillian Ngoyi)

  • From Biography to Stage Conversation: 15:00 – 17:00
  • Screening of Bram Fischer 17:00 – 19:00
  • Post-Screening Conversation: 19:00 – 19:30
  • Closing of 5-day partnership project 19:30 for 20:00

Please RSVP to to confirm your seat for the Conversation, Screening and Closing reception.