Monday 24 April 2017

Reading the Palms of Time 


oung playwright Monageng ‘Vice’ Motshabi is making 2017 his year of triumph by publishing a book to follow on from his well-deserved win of the Standard Bank Young Artists Award.

Motshabi will launch his book Reading The Palms of the Time at the Market Theatre on Monday 24 April, and judging by the warm response it has already received it’s going to be a best seller. Reading through the three plays as their aspects of the connected story of our country allows you to see the spirit of our times and the future ahead of us the way a palm reader uses the narrative of the lines on one’s palms to see an individual’s future, Motshabi says.

This impressive Market Theatre Laboratory alumnus is blessed with a diversity of talents. Asa playwright and director, he was one of this year’s winners of the Standard Bank Young Artists Award and his play will premiere at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival this year and return to the Market Theatre for a season.

Monageng or Vice as he is affectionately known also teaches drama to first-year students fresh from high school to channel their energy and hone their skills. He is consistent in his desire to contribute to the grooming and development of the next generations of remarkable artists.

Now Motshabihas bravely ventured into self-publishing and distribution for his book, about which Warona Seane has this to say, “It is a journey through our oftentimes macabre existence as citizens of the world and more importantly ofSouth Africa. It’s a trip through the souls imagining an otherwise reality amidst the predictable headlines lining the poles of our streets; the disparities in notions of forgiveness; state enforced mercy; internalised violence that never finds its warranted target and the myriad of spaces we inhabit as we attempt to navigate our lives towards hope.”

The playwrights whose collaborations and individual work features in the book are great like Xoli Norman, Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom, Aubrey Sekhabi and KgafelaOa Magogodi. The very insightful and in-depth foreword is by the accomplished actor, writer and director Warona Seane.

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