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Paul Slab te sien in eie drama

14 Jun 2016 in Uncategorised

Market Theatre Review

Suddenly the Storm is ‘n splin-ternuwe Suid-Afrikaanse to-neelstuk waarby ‘n geskied-kundige datum ter sprake is en die teks het ook ‘n geskiede-nis van sy eie. Na ‘n repetisie van Suddenly the Storm in die Barney Simon in die Markteater is die toneel-stuk as ‘n raaispeletjie beskryf Die regisseur, Bobby Hea-ney, stem saam met die be-skrywing van Paul Slabolepszy se eerste toneelstuk sedert 2009. “Dit is verreweg die rykste teks wat Paul tot nog toe ge-skryf het. Daar is honderde goed, dit is nie net een reel nie. ‘n Mens probeer uitpluis wat aangaan.&...

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Awesome foursome set to take the stage by storm

01 Jun 2016 in Uncategorised

RENATE Stuurman has been part of the television scene for many years, for no other reason than that was the way her career unfolded. She had, a few years back, worked with director Bobby Heaney on a television production and was amazed at the work he put into the performances before the shoot. “I hoped to work with him on stage one day,” was what she thought. “He listens to you and involves you in the decisions-making,” she explains. It showed her what was possible in that kind of environment. A little while later she attended the opening night of Sue Pam-Grant’s ...

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Slabolepszy nails the art of reconcillation

24 May 2016 in Uncategorised

Market Theatre Review

Paul Slabolepszy makes a welcome return to the boards, having written and starring in his new play, Suddenly the Storm, writes Diane de Beer FOR PAUL Slabolepszy, his latest play, which premieres next month, is all about dates. He hasn’t written a new play for 18 years (not one that has been produced, anyway). This one, which taps into the 40-year commemoration of June 16, will be playing on that night in The Market Theatre; it’s also celebrating 40 years and this is the first time in 16 years that director Bobby Heaney and his buddy Slab are back in the Barney Simon, as well as th...

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Giving a voice to SAs children a voice

23 May 2016 in Uncategorised
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Diane de Beer spotlights The Children’s Monologues, a unique fund-raising night… AFUND-raising campaign staged by celebrity actors in the UK to raise money for South African children has inspired local thespians to put together a star-studded event of their own. The Children’s Monologues featuring high-profile actors sharing powerful stories raised enough money to fund a permanent arts centre in rural South Africa. Now our local stage celebrities are preparing to replicate the event to raise money for the same charity, Dramatic Need based in the Free State. “It’s ...

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Behind The Rainbow

25 Apr 2016 in Uncategorised
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Text: Njabulo Ngidi Photographs: Suzy Bernstein Production: I See You Director: Noma Dumezweni Playwright: Mongiwekhaya Cast: Desmond Dube, Lunga Radebe, Sibusiso Mamba, Jorda Baker, Bayo Gbadamosi, Amaka Okafor, Austin Hardiman Venue: Market Theatre, until May 1. The problem with using a plaster on a wound is that it doesn’t heal it. It only covers it up, and when that plaster is removed the wound remains there. If not taken care of properly, it stinks up the place. South Africa tried to heal some of the wounds of apartheid with a plaster, from the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) ...

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A ballad of love between two literary figures

22 Apr 2016 in Uncategorised
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PLANT ER MY I M111 ANDRE gs HE was a woman who had a romance with the sea. And she was too much for the sea. He was her last lover who also threw her back.” These words by the late Andre P Brink, arguably one of South Africa’s most renowned authors, is only one of many garlands filled with quotations forming part of the core of Deborah Steinmair’s stage play, Plant vir my ‘n Boom Andre. It is in fact not a play at all in the conventional sense. It is partly poetry in motion - a ballad in which the lives of the poet Ingrid Jonker and Brink intertwine through their own wo...

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