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It’s an intense play and perfect for Newton

26 Nov 2015 in Uncategorised
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Elvis du Pisanie It’s been a long time since I saw Elvis. Maybe a decade ago in downtown Joburg somewhere. I mean the play, not the man, obviously, because we all know Elvis died long ago and there’s no point hanging around under a lamppost waiting for him to reappear. Unless you’re suffering the same despair, disillusionment and disappointment with life in general and yourself in particular as the central character in The Return of Elvis du Pisanie. This one-man play written by Paul Slabolepszy is one part comedy and two parts tragedy, which is a fair reflection of life itself sometime...

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Stunningly well performed and excellently directed

16 Nov 2015 in Uncategorised
Related Shows: Noise

A play now running at the Market Theatre in Joburg is stunningly well performed and excellently directed. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I came out of Noise feeling traumatised, as if I’d lived the experience of the characters with them. Noise was written by Alex Jones more than 20 years ago and set in Birmingham in the UK. But the play feels like it’s always belonged in Hillbrow, where it’s now set thanks to director Dorothy Ann Gould and Mark Graham Wilson, who helped to adapt the script. It’s a powerful piece, but you have to wonder why anyone would want to see it, or why...

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Disturbing but beautiful

13 Nov 2015 in Uncategorised
Related Shows: Noise

Review - Diane de Beer Dorothy Ann Gould is very clear about her choice of play for her debut directing gig Noise at The Market’s Barney Simon Theatre. “I have always liked work that ruffles feathers,” says the actress and immediately her personal roles like Yaël Farber’s Molora or People are Living There pop into your head. She first saw Noise by Alex Jones 20 years ago when she was in London and knew then this was something she could get stuck into. Set in a poor area of Birmingham in the UK, she describes it as “searing, brutal, robust, muscular but cathartic”. Yet she nee...

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Silence breeds violence - review by Dianne De Beer

30 Oct 2015 in Uncategorised
Related Shows: Thula Thula

THEATRE REVIEW: Thula Thula October 27 2015 at 11:27am By Diane De Beer IOL Thula Thula Thula. Written and directed by Mxolisi Masilela. Winner of the Zwakala festival. THULA THULA DIRECTOR/WRITER: Mxolisi Masilela CAST: Happy Kgafela, Mongezi Mabunda, Oupa Malatjie, Alfred Motlhapi, Micca Manganya, Itumeleng Rhonah Moeketsi Venue: Barney Simon at the Market Theatre UNTIL: Sunday RATING: 3 stars (out of 5) Diane de Beer A rape every 26 seconds is what the statistics say about this horrific crime that affects mainly young girls and women in this country. Not that we hear too much abou...

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5 star review for Black and Blue

19 Oct 2015 in Uncategorised
Related Shows: Black and Blue

BLACK AND BLUE DIRECTOR: James Cuningham CAST: Sylvaine Strike, Atandwa Kani VENUE: The Laager at Joburg’s Market Theatre UNTIL: November 1 RATING: 5 stars (out of 5) DIANE DE BEER BLACK and Blue is, simply put, a precious moment in time. Two souls find themselves struggling for survival – of very different kinds and in different ways. But in their coming together, the loss and longing of the one and the passion and pain of the other bump against one another in extraordinary fashion. But storytelling is a marvelous thing as it creeps into your mind, entangles your thoughts and t...

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An unusual juxtaposition

08 Oct 2015 in Uncategorised
Related Shows: Black and Blue

Black and Blue Black and Blue It’s quite an unusual juxtaposition to present a play about grief in a way that makes it humorous. So when we’re laughing at a widow frantically stirring her tea or going crazy with sorry, I’m a little uncomfortable. Maybe for me the subject is too raw, but Black and Blue certainly had most people in the audience laughing all the way. The play was originally devised by Sylvaine Strike and worked into a full show as a collaboration. Now it’s back in Joburg after an absence of 11 years, and feels like a fresh piece of work. Times haven’t changed much, and ...

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