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Raisin hell

08 Feb 2016 in Uncategorised
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A large and imposing set greets you as you take your seat for Lorraine Hansberry’s 1950s civil right drama, A Raisin in the Sun, at the Market Theatre. The set is built to look like a block of high-rise flats in downtown Chicago. It sets a sombre note and before a single word is uttered, you know that nothing good can possibly come out of this. Or can it? Walter Lee Younger is a young black man in his 30s who refuses to accept the squalor his family live in, the job he has as a chauffeur and the pittance he receives as wages. He simply wants more and cannot understand why his wife Ruth does...

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Director and writer Phala Oekeditse Phala wants to tell stories that speak to the people.

25 Jan 2016 in Uncategorised
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Phala Oekeditse Phala wants to write and direct thought-provoking stories Having directed many classic plays including Nothing But The Truth by John Kani and You Fool, How Can the Sky Fall? by Zakes Mda, his dream is to tell timeless stories. “I don’t stage shows just for the sake of it. I want to stage shows that get people talking and open their minds,” he says. His latest project, Egoli, is a play that was written by the late playwright and actor Matsemela Manaka in the 1970s. Currently being mentored by experienced director Makhaola Ndebele, Phala has proved that he is ...

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Tobacco, and the harmful effect thereof

06 Jan 2016 in Uncategorised
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Tobacco and the Harmful Effects Thereof is based on the Anton Chekhov play of a similar name in which the protagonist, Ivan (Andrew Buckland) has been bullied by his wife (Toni Morkel) into giving a lecture on the dangers of smoking. While humorous on the surface, the undertones of the story reveal ominously dark emotions. Ivan constantly gets distracted from his unscientific and loosely researched material and digresses to his oppressive relationship with his tyrannical wife. The audience serves as the class, in whom he confides his frustration at his inability to break free from his wife an...

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Arts Journalist of the year named

08 Dec 2015 in Uncategorised

ARTS JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR NAMED JHB Times News Desk | December 1, 2015 | Entertainment, Local News | No Comments JOHANNESBURG — The National Arts Festival and Business and Arts South Africa announced the winners of the 2015 Arts Journalism Awards in Johannesburg yesterday, naming freelance writer Lwandile Fikeni overall Arts Journalist of the Year. The winners list includes ten gold and 23 silver awards made to individual journalists, and a gold and three silver awards to media organisations for their nurturing of arts journalism. Additionally, a Lifetime Achievement Award was given to br...

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Legendary actress and director Dorothy Ann Gould presents #Noise

30 Nov 2015 in Uncategorised
Related Shows: Noise

Legendary actress and director Dorothy Ann Gould presents the first play she has ever directed for the Market Theatre. Noise is a gritty and thrilling drama that has earned rave reviews overseas. The play stars three young actors who have never played at the Market before, Rowlen von Gericke, Thabo Rametsi and Nokuthula Ledwaba. Noise was first presented 20 years ago and set in a poor area of Birmingham in the UK.Thisnew adaptation transitions well to South Africa. The themes are universal; poverty, unemployment, the disintegration of the nuclear family and inferior education. It’s the ...

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It’s an intense play and perfect for Newton

26 Nov 2015 in Uncategorised
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Elvis du Pisanie It’s been a long time since I saw Elvis. Maybe a decade ago in downtown Joburg somewhere. I mean the play, not the man, obviously, because we all know Elvis died long ago and there’s no point hanging around under a lamppost waiting for him to reappear. Unless you’re suffering the same despair, disillusionment and disappointment with life in general and yourself in particular as the central character in The Return of Elvis du Pisanie. This one-man play written by Paul Slabolepszy is one part comedy and two parts tragedy, which is a fair reflection of life itself sometime...

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