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20 Apr 2012 in Uncategorised
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Now this is a play that will stand the test of time – Neil Coppen has produced a notable addition to South Africa’s theatre. Cleanly and dramatically it reverberates across time and space, deftly revealing characters that have depth, meaning and life. Abnormal Loads is a relevant and gripping play by a young playwright and director who can only go to greater heights.!”
Jennifer De Klerk- Artslink

“South Africa as a small town in the midst of our history-in hilarious, moving, living rainbow colour.”
City Press

“This is a South African production that makes you glow from within.  Coppen se Abnormal Loads is geniaal verfrissend.”

“Refined and soulful theatre.”

“This is a magnificent production. The writing, direction, design and technical execution all work so incredibly well together, and the result is that as members of the audience we can all celebrate how this new South African work elevates the kind of experience that we want to have in our theatres.”
Ismail Mohammed, NAF.

“A big vision play that could last longer and dig deeper. Best show here for a long time.”
David Smith, Guardian in Africa

“Abnormal Loads bristles with energy and ideas and its staging is impressively executed, with clever use of back projection, model houses, sound and
lighting. All in all, Coppen, who co-directs with Janna Ramos-Violente, has fashioned a rare South African play which has something relative and interesting to say about our country.”
Peter Feldman-Artslink.

“A masterful blend of different periods, stories and characters that move seamlessly from one tableau to the next. This is the sort of work that deserves international recognition and, at very least, capacity audiences. Make sure you see it.”
The Sunday Times

“A startling juxtaposition of the present and the past. Those obsessions with what’s been and that which in turn can destroy us.”
Arja Salafranca- Editor of Sunday Independent Life Supplement.

“An incredible piece of theatre.”
Collett Dawson-  Art’s Publicist.

“An astonishing, intelligent, funny, brilliant play. First time I’ve given an ovation and meant it.”
Tiffany Markman

“From the battlefields in the 1800’s to the love affair of 2011, the play will steal your breathe as you try to comprehend the amount of skill, talent and effort it took to creatively weave such different periods in history and bring such a breath taking work of art to life.”
Melidah Batlile- Through her brains blog.

“If you love beautiful, honest, truthfully executed theatre, do yourself a favour and go and watch Abnormal Loads.”
Chris van Rensburg

“Abnormal Loads at The Market Theatre: a well- crafted, thought provoking, moving production that deserves fuller houses. Go and see it.”
Chris Thurman -Author, Arts Journalist.

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