Crazy for Kwela

15 Jun 2012 in Uncategorised
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Review - Crazy for Kwela

Take a trip I back to the] fabulous 1950s! Dy DUD nnnnn 1 CR This electrifying musical is ready to take theatre fans back to the shebeens of the 1950s! Following sold-out performances at the Victory Theatre in Joburg last year, A IS, 1 ..t Me V IC 101 y 1 Heal”. e III U0UUI gI1 yeI, Kwela Bafana — A Night in a 50s Shebeen will once again take the city by storm. / It started at the Market Theatre in Newtown last week Friday and will continue until 24 June. Kwela Bafana is an engaging musical which brings to life the unforgettable sights and sounds of South Africa during a decade known for producing a distinctive flavour in song and dance. It is directed by renowned Sibikwa Art Centre founders Phyllis Klotz and Smal Ndaba, with musical direction by the multi-talented Themba Mkhize. It features songs from the classic King Kong, Victor Ndlazilwane of the Woodywood Peckers and Dambuza Mdledle of the Manhattan Brothers. Boy Ngwenya, an original member of the Woodywood Peckers and the famous King Kongcast, brings an authentic 1950s flair and personality to the show. Velephi Khumalo has in previous productions of Kwela Bafana become one of the show’s biggest attractions with her impressive vocal performance.

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