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08 Oct 2012 in Uncategorised
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Madness of a father’s greed, paranoia and suspicion Directed by Sylvain Strike, Moli?re’s 1668 classic The Miser will be presented at the Market Theatre’s Barney Simon between 25 October and 9 December. Deliciously mean comedy The Miser magnifies the madness of a father’s greed, paranoia and suspicion. Two siblings, their respective lovers and a gaggle of oppressed servants all endure the ghastly avarice that is Harpagon’s. But for how much longer? Sylvain Strike’s Fortune Cookie Theatre Company is back for the South African French Season in its remarkably contemporary interpretation of Moli?re’s timeless classic written in 1668. Legendary designer Sarah Roberts dresses a company comprising ofthe cr8me of SouthAftican ing6nues, including the likes of Mpho Osei-Tutu, Atandwa Kani and Kate Liquorish. Lionel Newton is at the helm in the hugely sought after role of Harpagon, the Miser. The cast comprises of the cream of SA theatre, including Atandwa Kani (left) and Mpho Osei-Tutu.

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