Vintage tunes at the Market Theatre

15 Jun 2012 in Uncategorised
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Review - Vintage tunes at the Market Theatre

KWELA Bafana+ aims to captivate audiences at the Market Theatre with songs reminiscent of South African townships in the 1950s. The musical story stars award-winning actress Velaphi Khumalo and was directed by Sibikwa Art Centre founders Phyllis Klotz and Smal Ndaba. The production features musical direction by Themba Mkhize who arranged and composed the music for both the Confederation Cup and the World Cup, with choreography by the internationally-acclaimed Todd Twala. Bra B Ngwenya and the Kwela Bafana Band will provide the tunes which are set to feature the distinctive style of music born from the shebeen scene. They will be accompanied by Boy Ngwenya, an original member of the Woody Wood Peckers. A number of classic songs will be performed from bands like the Manhattan Brothers. Their kwela tunes became a hallmark sound in the South African townships that were lost in the political history of those times. Kwela Bafana+ will be presented at the theatre from 25 May to 24 June. Details: SONGBIRD: Velaphi Khumalo

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