Windybrow Arts Centre rises from slumber

The Heritage House at the Windybrow Arts Centre in the inner city of Johannesburg is returning from slumber. Restored and brought under the management of the Market Theatre Foundation, the 121-year old building will be home to a new and exciting partnership forged between the Market Theatre Foundation, Sticky Situations and The Colored Cube. The latter two initiatives have extensive experience in working in the Hillbrow and inner-city neighborhoods working with residents and communities around a range of art-based and participatory engagement projects and processes.

The partnership, designed as a unique arts company residency, will bring together Sticky Situations and The Colored Cube to focus and present a series of arts, cultural and heritage activations through participatory management and neighborhood engagement methodologies.

“The partnership will bring about a renewed vitality to the Windybrow as a dynamic arts and culture centre that is responsive to the neighbourhood’s needs and challenges. It will have a clear focus on an arts centre that can courageously engage with the City through arts-based methodologies; with the long-term goal of building a strong creative economy at and around the Centre,” said Ismail Mahomed, the Chief Executive Officer of the Market Theatre Foundation.

During the company residency, Sticky Situations and The Colored Cube will use a co-management style at the Windybrow Arts Centre by combining the energy and enthusiasm of the local neighborhood and all arts lovers and arts-makers to re-awaken this arts hub in the heart of Jozi’s Hillbrow.

“The revitalization of the Windybrow Arts Centre is a call to action!” said Jennifer van den Bussche on behalf of Sticky Situations. “Sticky Situations and The Colored Cube are excited to be part of this activation process and to co-manage the space for 2017. We look forward to being part of the programming and management process that will once again help make the Windybrow a dynamic, inclusive and contemporary multi-purpose arts, culture and heritage space for arts organisations, cultural groups and residents alike”, she added.

Details about a weeklong programme of cultural events to celebrate the relaunch of the Windybrow Arts Centre will be announced shortly.

For further information and interviews contact:

Lusanda Zokufa, Senior Publicist, Market Theatre
011 832 1641 ext 202 or 072 367 7867