Market Theatre Foundation Management Team

Keitu Gwangwa – Head of The Windybrow Arts Center

Keituletse studied the Santa Monica Theatre Arts and Business management associate degree at Midrand Campus in 2000.  She then worked in an Arts administration organization, Cultural Helpdesk, managing a Dutch/South African arts exchange website seeingbeingseen.org.za. and developed a keen interest for Arts administration. Keitu then furthered her knowledge with Avril Joffe’s Cultural Entrepreneurship Learnership and ventured into the Arts space working with prominent artists and Directors in the industry.

She’s headed her own business, promoting Cultural Heritage and assisting artists form their own entities. Keituletse, holds a certificate in, and brings experience in project management and operations to the Market Theatre Foundation with a keen focus on Pan African cultural expression, using the arts as the vehicle that drives conversations in various pressing issues in society. Having worked from the bottom, as a runner in a theatre, she has experience in all aspects of theatre and hopes to grow further in the management of the Windybrow Arts Centre.