Market Theatre Foundation Management Team

Zodwa Shongwe– Producer

Studied Dramatic Arts, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Public Finance Management, Internal Controls and Risk Management Post Graduate Studies in Arts. Zodwa has worked as a Project Manager, Production Manager and as a Human Resource Manager at the Windybrow Theatre  (2000 – 2005) She has produced more than 20 productions between 2006 – 2007 during her tenure as producer at the Windybrow Arts Centre.

During 2012 (July) she worked as Production Co-ordinator for South Africa during the London Olympics. In March 2014 she was the Acting Artistic Director at the Windybrow Theatre. With the amalgamation of the Windybrow Arts Centre with the Market Theatre Foundation, the former Windybrow staffer was seconded as Producer to the Market Theatre Foundation in 2016. She is a recipient of South Korea’s K-Fellowship (20130.