DEURnis / Uzwelo

 Theatre between a single actor and a single audience member at a time

DEURnis one-on-one is an award-winning, exciting new immersive theatre experience and a first for South Africa. As site-specific theatre, solo plays are performed in different spaces in a house or building for a single audience member at a time, making for a very intimate experience.

The title of the project – DEURnis / Uzwelo – is derived from the words ‘deur’ (door) and ‘deernis’ and ‘Uzwelo’ (compassion and empathy). Behind the door that leads an audience member to the performance lies an experience that takes an honest, stripped-down and often sober look at emotional and everyday issues.

DEURnis / Uzwelo comprises of several plays specifically written for a space. Each play lasts about 20 minutes, and the audience member moves from one room to the next to experience the different performances. Plays are grouped (see description on the left), and a ticket gives an audience member access to three plays. The whole experience, including short breaks in between performances, lasts for about an hour and forty minutes.

The production won the 2018 kykNET Blue Fiësta Award for most innovative theatre, the 2017 ATKV-Woordveertjie Award for Best New Script, the Best production (Freestate) at the 2018 Freestate Arts Festival, and was nominated for Best Overall Production at the 2017 Aardklop National Arts Festival.

Theatrerocket’s award-winning DEURnis artists will be collaborating with the Windybrow Art Centre and Market Theatre Lab’s Kwasha! group for the first time at the National Arts Festival, presenting 12 new plays.

Supported by AK21 and NATi (Nasionale Afrikaanse Teaterinitiatief)


Group 2


That very first breath, the initial inhale and the cutting of the cord. From the womb into this world, your journey with your twin is about to start…

With Thulisile Nduvane

Genre: Absurdist comedy

Language: English


Beckett said that we are born astride a grave. Each day that passes, brings us one day closer to the end. I know this but I understand it not. I still ask, where did you go? Changed forever. One minute you were there, the next you were gone.

With Renos Nicos Spanoudes

Gernre: Drama

Language: English and Greek

Isiqhelo / The usual

Life is fragile, dark and strange. A young woman is in the doctor’s waiting room, about to have her third back street abortion.

With Aaliyah Matintela

Genre: Dark comedy

Language: IsiXhosa and English