The show is directed and produced by Mlungisi Mathe, also known as “Mkay” from Skeem Saam.

Kwazi Nsele is exploring, playing several different characters alone on stage as he is telling a story through narration, poetry and dance.

This is a story about a young man who has gone through a lot in life after losing his parents at the early stages of his life. He got the chance to meet up with his Parents having dinner, telling them how his life changed after they left, shouting and asking them questions. He found himself confused seeing that he is talking to dead people, now he doesn’t understand whether losing his mind seeing things that no one can see.

The show is at The Market Theatre  Laboratory on the 24th of August starting at 16h00.

You can book tickets online at web tickets, Pick n Pay or Directly at The Market Theatre. This show is for those who have gone through a lot in life, not knowing where to turn to. Those who have been hurt by love and lost their loved ones and became hopeless that resented to depression. The writer is showcasing that it is not only you who is going through a hard time, depression is real and a sickness that need immediate help

Ticket Price R150


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