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MTF 01.11.2020 Quantity Survey Services

Closing Date: 22 January 2021

Time: 12:00

Company Name Total Bidding Price
LIM Group R2,857,175.00
Phehlane Semenya R1,514,687.50
Senyolo and Associates R1,034,238.13
BTKM Quantity Survey R1,105,195.71
Enumeralte Consulting R719,900.00
Greenfield Resources R1,662,210.00
Charles Consulting R1,957,109.38
QS200 Plus CC R1,389,633.71
VNA Consulting R862,500.00
Nonku Tshona R1,085,037.28
DAG Consulting R1,772,840.00
Kasieboy Projects R2,216,050.00
The Brothers Engineering R873,500.00
Delta Build R1,108,025.00
Duvha Quantity Survey R1,537,849.93
Ukuza Consulting R1,551,235.00
Mbatha Wlters R1,175,584.63
SRSQS Quantity Survey R1,537,550.00
Impala Quantity Survey R725,000.00
Theba Consulting 997,225.50
Qsource Quantity Survey R2,216,050.00
Triumphant Zoe R1,329,630.00
Phunga Consulting R1,114,608.69
Gonang Consulting R667,000.00
Alliance QS R775,617.50
New Ocean Group R2,309,401.11
IBP Construction R434,345.80
CSS Woldt R3,168,249.00
Mmqsmace R1,551,235.00
JCNP (pty) ltd R1,308,469.94
Thapelo Tlhapane R1,772,840.00
Talani Qunatity Survey R1,385,031.25
Walker Mare R1,606,636.25

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