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The Brothers, Number One and a Weekend Special

The Brothers, Number One and a Weekend Special takes you on a gripping theatrical journey through a labyrinth of personal gains, politics, manipulation, suspense and intrigue. Step into the dangerous world of South African politics in this compelling and brave new play presented by The Market Theatre and written by astute political analyst, Richard Calland.

The play, rich in thought-provoking revelations, unravels the intricacies of power, corruption, and the tumultuous events that have recently shaped South Africa.

The play’s entry point is a finance minister who lasted only a weekend. This thrusts the audience into the heart of the action. As the drama unfolds, you’ll witness the high-stakes manoeuvres, clandestine dealings, and the manipulation of public sentiment that fuelled further racial division across the nation. Richard Calland weaves a narrative that skilfully connects the dots, exposing the underbelly of a political landscape marked by noise, complexity, and a dangerous volatility.

The Market Theatre’s award-winning Artistic Director, Greg Homann, who is celebrated for his cutting-edge direction of new South African work, brings this compelling new political play to life. Under his adept guidance, the impressive cast (to be announced soon) is guaranteed to bring an audience into the complexities of South Africa’s political landscape.

The Brothers, Number One And A Weekend Special is not just a play; it’s a bold exploration of contemporary history, offering audiences a unique opportunity to gain insights into the forces that have recently shaped South Africa, 30 years into democracy.

Book your tickets now and embark on a journey into the heart of South Africa’s political turbulence.