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Vote for Me!

19 February - 15 March 2024

Windybrow Arts Centre in association with the National Children’s Theatre presents Vote for Me.

As South Africa celebrates 30 years of democracy, do the under-18s care about this historic milestone? When adults cast their vote, are they aware that they are voting for leaders who will determine the future of today’s teens?

What does leadership even mean in this current moment? Teens may not have a political vote in this year’s polls, but as influencers and followers, they are voting - and leading - all the time. Every “like”, “subscribe” and “follow” is a vote of some kind - but what effects will their clicks and swipes have?

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Zwakala Festival a DSAC Incubation Program

23 - 25 February 2024

The Zwakala Festival was started in 1992 by John Kani and the late co-founder of the Market Theatre, Barney Simon. It was initially funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. This was just after The Market Theatre Lab; the theatre’s educational arm was established in 1989. Now in its 30th year, the meaningful annual event is currently funded by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture’s Incubator Programme.

The festival is one of South Africa’s most dynamic and long-standing theatre festivals aimed specifically at community-based theatre makers. Throughout its existence its main aim is to support, platform and enhance the skills-set of writers, directors, and actors.

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27 Feb - 24 Mar 2024

The much-loved South African theatre classic, Sophiatown, will make a return to its original home at the Market Theatre after it first premiered there 37 years ago.

The multi-award-winning drama with music by The Junction Avenue Theatre Company will open in February 2024 in a dynamic new production directed by Aubrey Sekhabi, complete with a live band on stage.

The production comes to The Market after a hugely successful season in 2023 at The South African State Theatre in Pretoria. Aubrey Sekhabi, who is the Artistic Director at The State Theatre, directs this powerful and moving restaging of the iconic work. test

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1 March – 19h00 PERFORMANCE
2 March – 11h00 for 11.30 am to 2.30 pm - TALK
2 March - 3 pm PERFORMANCE

‘Domination must envelop the subjugated, the colonised, and maintain them in a more or less permanent state of trance, intoxication, and convulsion so that they are incapable of thinking lucidly for themselves.’ – Achille Mbembe SPIRIT CAPITAL refers to an object from the Congolese Luba tradition: a wooden headrest, usually with two identical female figures at its base. These objects serve as ‘lieux de mémoire’, or spirit and history containers. They are part of a complex, reflective and historical infrastructure within the Luba community.

Two female, outwardly identical performers move through the theatre space.

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07 - 31 Mar 2024

Expelled is a family drama which focuses on the largely ungoverned world of social media. Alex, a Matric pupil at an elite school, gets caught up in a viral scandal and is suspended. Once shared, lives alter in seconds, what’s seen cannot be unseen. The ramifications for his family are profound.

Expelled is a play about social media’s power to connect and its power to destroy. Can a few minutes of bad judgment ruin a life? This new South African play was commissioned by the How Now Brown Cow Writers' Collective and is written by Rosalind Butler – and comes to Johannesburg following a Cape Town season at The Baxter Theatre.

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The Cry Of Winnie Mandela

30 March - 21 April 2024

The Cry Of Winnie Mandela is a compelling journey through history, emotion, and the enduring strength of the female South African spirit.

Based on the popular novel by poet, novelist, and essayist Njabulo Ndebele, The Cry of Winnie Mandela is a poignant theatrical production brought to life by The Market Theatre. This thoughtful new play of resilience is adapted by Alex Burger and directed by the award-winning MoMo Matsunyane who is the current Standard Bank Young Artist Winner for Theatre.

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13 - 17 March 2024

The bold one-person play State of the National DisAster (SONDA), written and performed by Philangezwi Nxumalo, is heading to Kippies Fringe at The Market Theatre. Nxumalo, working alongside director Aalliyah Matintela is set to take audiences on an entertaining, playful and thought-provoking journey.

SONDA is a contemporary take on protest theatre, blending satire, physical comedy, and poignant storytelling to shed light on the post-Apartheid State, 30 year into South Africa’s democracy. Through a high-energy 70-minute performance, Nxumalo fearlessly confronts pressing issues such as unemployment, poor service delivery, high crime rates, an ailing education system, widespread poverty, the prevalence of incompetent public servants, and unfulfilled promises.

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The Brothers, Number One and a Weekend Special

20 April - 12 May 2024

The Brothers, Number One and a Weekend Special takes you on a gripping theatrical journey through a labyrinth of personal gains, politics, manipulation, suspense and intrigue. Step into the dangerous world of South African politics in this compelling and brave new play presented by The Market Theatre and written by astute political analyst, Richard Calland.

The play, rich in thought-provoking revelations, unravels the intricacies of power, corruption, and the tumultuous events that have recently shaped South Africa.



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