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Opportunities to join KwaSha Theatre Company in its fifth year

KwaSha Theatre Company, launched in 2018 by the Market Theatre Laboratory and the Windybrow Arts Centre, is looking for exceptional performing arts graduates to join the company in 2022. The purpose of the company is to serve as a bridge between graduates’ education and their professional careers. It provides guaranteed employment as a performer/theatre-maker for ten months and offers the opportunity to gain professional work experience and the space to learn and practise business skills. This is achieved through a programme of exciting and varied creative projects and collaborations, resulting in a repertoire of live and digital performances created by the company over the year. Included in the programme is opportunities to make original work that reflects the company’s unique voices and experiences as young South Africans, as well as work that challenges the conventional norms of theatre.

In its four years, KwaSha theatre company has been nominated for five Naledi Awards for The Little Prince, Rhinoceros and Currently (G)old, and has won a Bronze Ovation Award and Best Ensemble Award for Currently (G)old at the National Arts Festival. KwaSha has embarked on two national tours, and participated in numerous collaborations, including with the Centre for the Less Good Idea, Young Artist of the Year Jefferson Tshabalala, and Os Satyros Theatre Company (Brazil). Two productions created by KwaSha have been invited on international tours, including to the United States. Last year, KwaSha featured in an international digital collaboration, The Art Of Facing Fear, that included performers and audience across 4 continents and 10 countries and won two international Red Curtain Awards for Best Ensemble and Best Production. They presented a new play at the Ramolao Makhene Theatre, Peeling Shadows, which was featured on the main programme of the National Arts Festival this year. This year KwaSha the 4th’s highlights include An Updated Syllabus for the Woke, Little Fist, Big Heart! and One Night With Modjadji.

The success of the young creatives who have been KwaSha members bears testament to the value of providing opportunities for emerging theatre-makers to work collaboratively and develop their voices within the structure of a company. Next year’s KwaSha programme is particularly special because it is the company’s fifth anniversary, an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on a growing legacy.

Theatre-makers who have graduated from a reputable training institution within the last five years are eligible to be members of KwaSha Theatre Company. To apply, submit your CV and a motivation letter (that clearly states the skills, knowledge and other attributes that you would be able to contribute to the company) via email to Rudy Motseatsea at by 17:00 on Wednesday 1 December 2021.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit an audition video by 15 December, and final auditions will be held in person between 12 – 20 January 2022.  Final decisions will be made by Friday 21 January 2021. The company aims to begin operating from 1 February 2022.