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Pink Tax

Johannesburg, Gauteng – Theatre enthusiasts rejoice as our acclaimed production company, LWuD Theatre, proudly presents Pink Tax: An Epic Journey, an extraordinary theatrical experience set to captivate minds and move hearts. This groundbreaking production will take the stage at The Market Theatre from the 18th of October to the 22nd of October, and we’re inviting audiences on an unforgettable journey. Pink Tax promises to transport spectators through time, space, and emotion, merging the realms of reality and imagination. The production showcases the brilliant artistic vision of our director Noxolo Bhengu, who has carefully curated every element to create an aweinspiring production. Pink Tax is an intricate blend of physical and epic theatre.

Pink Tax written by Noxolo Bhengu delves into the harrowing reality of human trafficking by pulling back the curtain to the dark underbelly of this modern-day slavery. In a city called Ntozonke [everything], it’s safe and peaceful. Neighbours coexist in harmony and nothing out of the ordinary happens. However, the residents are unaware that it’s the breeding ground for syndicates who lurk in street corners and buildings, watching and plotting, waiting to make their move. They prey on the impoverished by promising them false employment, they lure naive individuals into traps disguised as free access to living lavish lifestyles. They manipulate people who’ve surrendered their trust as lovers and family members.

When victims are uprooted from their homes, they’re taken to a strange place called Nantsika [thing] where they’re subjected to unpaid labour and other atrocities. Nantsika is an isolated and dilapidated toxic wasteland that is the source, transit, and destination for the third largest crime in the world.

Noxolo Bhengu’s gripping play uncovers a society where people have replaced objects as commodities. In this underworld, wealthy voyeurs sit in camera rooms placing their highest bids as they fight over the most sought-after purchase.

Pink Tax unveils the psyche of exhausted and distraught human beings on a quest for freedom. We witness how victims take a step towards reclaiming a sense of agency. They muster the strength to face an uncertain future while battling to accept their present reality as a result of their attachment to and yearning for the past.

We are delighted to showcase our commitment to supporting and nurturing emerging talent as this production features a talented ensemble cast of exceptional newcomers alongside seasoned performers, displaying the diversity of artistic voices in our vibrant theatre community.

LWuD Theatre has built a distinguished reputation in China for its commitment to excellence in theatrical productions, and Pink Tax is no exception. Our mission is to bring thought-provoking, emotionally gripping, and visually captivating theatre to our audience, and we are confident that this performance will exceed all expectations.

We cordially invite theatre enthusiasts, discerning critics, and the general public to join us for this unforgettable experience. Tickets for Pink Tax are available for purchase starting on the 19th of September on We encourage early bookings as this production is anticipated to be a sell-out success.

For more information, interviews, or press passes, please contact Noxolo at 0739949320 or High-resolution production images and additional press materials are available upon request.

About LWuD Theatre:

LWuD Theatre is a renowned production company committed to presenting captivating theatrical experiences to audiences globally. LWuD was created in 2017 in Shanghai, China. It has produced 3 original plays: Unpacking [performed in Nanjing and Shanghai] Pink Tax [performed in Shanghai and soon in Johannesburg] and Boxed, a children’s play which was performed in Nanjing and Ningbo. LWuD also provides creative drama workshops, After- school musical theatre programs, Theatre in Education workshops, industrial theatre, and summer theatre programs.

By upholding the highest standards of creativity, innovation, and artistic integrity, our productions continue to receive critical acclaim and engage audiences with raw honesty and authenticity.