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BandaBanda Agency in association with the Market Theatre Presents Jazz in Afrika Concert

BandaBanda Agency produces yet another show in association with the Market Theatre as a double Bill between to Artist BandaBanda & The Crocodiles  and Keenan Meyer. This will be a great celebration of African music as we end Africa Month. 
BandaBanda & TheCrocodiles Project 
This Project is an idea of putting great Versatile Musicians from different Parts of the world as collaborations. Banda is Known for the love of music and his unique way of approaching the bass which made him to stand out.
Spending time with Bheki Mseleku and Sandile Shange contributed on his growth and taste in music music,  He got to work and tour with top artist like Sibongile Khumalo ,Hugh Masikela ,Busi Mhlongo, Madala Kunene, Thandiswa Mazwai to mention the Few. 
With the diverse influences of different cultures and backgrounds we can expect something with a lot of influence yet exciting. BandaBanda is always been out spoken about being an African and the  African voice to be heard all over the world. That always turn to come out on his Music.
Between all this musicians there is a lot of experience and diversity which makes this project very exciting .The music is written and arranged by BandaBanda. We Fuse  African Music,Funk,Jazz and Latin,  Influences to the sound are bands like  Sixun,TaiwaMolelekwa , Joe Zawinul and the Syndicate, Miles Davis , Manu Dibago ,Salif Keita ,Weather Report. “Its the Music for the World”.
“Tell your real story and everyone will hear you”
BandaBanda & TheCrocodiles Project  “African Stories”
Keenan Meyer
Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Keenan Meyer is a classically trained pianist, composer and Mandela Rhodes scholar. Meyer has had a lifelong relationship with music. From attending concerts produced in his hometown of Bosmont as a young boy, to graduating from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelor of Music Degree majoring in music psychology and piano methodology in 2018.
His study of Impressionistic composers such as Ravel and Debussy combined with the melodic elegance of the Romantic style in Rachmaninoff’s music among others, undeniably influenced his performance style and the composition of his own music.
An equally important influence is Meyer’s research on music in South Africa. As part of his Honours degree, he produced a dissertation that examined the role of music in two significant periods of South African history: the fight against apartheid, and the #FeesMustFall movement.
He gained a deeper understanding of music’s ability to galvanise human consciousness, a central theme in his debut body of work, The Alchemy of Living.
Meyer also developed a deeper connection to South African Jazz and Jazz icons specifically the tonal palette and spirituality of Abdullah Ibrahim’s music.
This background and experience has shaped Meyer’s career and creative output. Meyer’s debut album is a deeply personal snapshot of his journey thus far. It pays tribute to the music he grew up listening to, his travels around Asia and South America, South Africa’s musical traditions and ancestry, and the composers he has studied and loves.