Opportunity for emerging theatre-makers at the Market Theatre Laboratory!

Opportunity For Emerging Theatre-Makers at the Market Theatre Laboratory!

Applications for the Market Theatre Laboratory’s renowned Theatre and Performance full-time course open from 1 August – 30 September 2022, for study in 2023. We are looking for talented, determined young people who are passionate about the performing arts to become part of the next generation of artistic innovators, change-makers and storytellers.

The Market Lab is a multi-award-winning arts incubator, with a reputation for facilitating the development of exceptional young theatre-makers, facilitators, actors, writers and directors, and for creating innovative and relevant new plays

Our students have the opportunity to work and learn with some of the country’s most iconic theatre practitioners, while creating a diverse range of work both individually and within an ensemble.

With multiple local, African and global partners, the Lab strives to create enriching experiences that contribute to the personal and artistic growth of each person who participates in our programmes. Alumni have gone on to excel on stage and screen, from established stalwarts such as Warren Masemola, to relative newcomers such as Mathews Rantsoma, who has just been nominated for the SAFTA award for Best Actor in a TV Soap. Others have chosen to apply their skills in several other industries, including publishing, radio, event management and marketing. Many are playing leadership roles in arts institutions and other contexts, and remain committed to working in the communities that nurtured their growth as young artists.  

The Market Lab’s full-time theatre and performance course, which runs from January to November each year, offers intensive training in a laboratory environment for emerging theatre practitioners to develop to a professional standard. The programme focuses on practical experience, and learning through experimentation, exchange, research and making. Each year, twenty first years are selected, a small group that allows for each students’ creative journey to be mentored. The Lab invests in ensuring that the curriculum continues to serves the interests and needs of young creatives in a rapidly evolving industry. Most importantly, we teach young artists to adapt, to experiment, and to think of themselves as entrepreneurs. In these challenging times, we aim to think expansively about the relevance of theatre and live performance, and to find language that articulates what theatre-makers know how to do and where the current need for these skills is situated. The ways in which theatre-making skills help make sense of being human, teach us how to be with people, how to hold space, how to participate in community, how to approach change, and how to solve problems creatively, are needed now more than ever.

The high quality of artistic engagement between students, collaborators, audiences and theatre practitioners happening in the space is evident in the impressive array of awards that the productions created through or with the Market Theatre Laboratory have won – this year, the Market Lab was the only institution nominated in the Naledi Award category for Best Tertiary or Incubator production, winning for Peeling Shadows.

When the Market Theatre Laboratory opened its doors in 1989, the intention of its founders, Dr John Kani and Barney Simon, was to provide opportunities to talented youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not otherwise be able to pursue their passion for the arts or study further. This remains an integral part of the Lab’s purpose, along with a determination to assist young artists to build sustainable careers, and to create space and visibility for subaltern experiences, voices and identities.

Applicants are encouraged to  Apply Here 

 Alternatively application forms can be fetched from the Market Theatre Laboratory offices:

For Queries contact:           


Whatsapp: 063 361 1211

 011 838 7498

Twitter: @Themarketlab

Instagram: Market laboratory

Facebook:  The Market Theatre Laboratory

You Tube: Market Theatre Laboratory Official

For further information, interviews and images, contact:

Lusanda Zokufa 072 367 7867 or lusandaz@markettheatre.co.za and Desmond Mathebula 062 329 4741 or desmondm@markettheatre.co.za


KwaSha Theatre Company Tours The Kids of Amandla Street to Schools In August

KwaSha Theatre Company Tours The Kids of Amandla Street to Schools In August

KwaSha Theatre Company is delighted to present a new production for young audiences, The Kids of Amandla Street, which will tour to primary schools from 18 August – 3 September. The play, written by Lereko Mfono, explores themes of friendship, xenophobia, and identity. It invites the audience into the world of Obi, Jimmy, Palesa and Lillian, four youth living in Amandla Street in inner city Johannesburg, navigating their way through an environment that offers comfort and joy, but also quickly becomes a place full of prejudice, racism and fear. Within the complexity of the street they think of as home, the kids who live there seek to lead whole-hearted lives and dream big dreams. They are put in a situation where they must come up with their own solutions and decide on their personal values and actions, even when these are at odds with the authority figures in their lives.

The Kids of Amandla Street was originally developed through ASSITEJ SA’s African Youth Theatre and Dance Festival programme, in association with New Visions New Voices at the John F. Kennedy Centre, the University of Maryland, Artscape Theatre and Soweto Theatre. The subject matter resonates with the experiences of young people living in present day South Africa, and there will be a post-performance discussion aligned with the Life Orientation curriculum, to engage the audience in a conversation about who they are and how they see others. On this fresh staging, playwright Lereko says, “I am so moved to hear the talented KwaSha team will be staging the work especially in this current climate we’re in. I started developing the play in 2015 when there were xenophobic attacks that broke out in Durban and parts of Johannesburg, and in many ways it’s so disheartening to see that some 7 years later we are still dealing with the same issue in this country. My hope is that the play will resonate with young audiences in such a way that they would be convinced to break the cycle of hatred wherever they are”.

The play is brought to life by a talented team of young theatre-makers, led by up and coming director, performer and facilitator, Sibahle Mangena, a past member of KwaSha and current facilitator of the Windybrow Arts Centre after school arts programme. Sibahle co-created and performed in the Naledi-nominated productions Text Me When You Arrive and Currently Gold, and has worked on various programmes at the Centre for the Less Good Idea. However, this is her first professional play as a director. She will be joined by young designer, Megan Miller, a recent graduate from Wits University who has assisted with productions at the National Children’s Theatre, and who has a whimsical and innovative approach to theatre design. This young and exciting creative team will be mentored and supported by the incredibly experienced theatre-maker Gina Shmukler, who worked with similar themes in her acclaimed production, The Line. During the process the team will also be engaging with tweens in the inner-city who participate in the Windybrow’s arts programmes, to ensure that the subject matter, characters, and story are compelling, relevant and resonant for the play’s target audience.

Now in its fifth year, KwaSha, a theatre company run collaboratively by Windybrow Arts Centre and the Market Theatre Laboratory, are coming to this production fresh from a tour to Makhanda where they presented Franz Fanon’s The Drowning Eye on the curated programme. This diversity of programming reflects the extraordinary range of experiences that KwaSha members are able to participate in during their year in the company, to give them work experience which helps launch their professional careers. This is the second play by Lereko Mfono staged by KwaSha, who also presented the wonderful Little Fists; Big Heart last year. Lereko has written extensively for young audiences, and is passionate about inspiring young Africans to dream confidently and expansively.

For further information or to request a performance of The Kids of Amandla Street at your school, please contact Zintle at zintler@markettheatre.co.za or call 082 880 8691.

Author: Lereko Mfono

Director: Sibahle Mangena

Mentor: Gina Shmukler

Set and Costume Designer: Megan Miller

Production Manager & Producer: Rudy Motseatsea

Performed by KwaSha The 5th


Schools Tour: 18 August – 3 September

Age Range: 10 – 12 years, Grades 4 – 6

Duration: 50 minutes

For further information, interviews and images, contact:

Lusanda Zokufa 072 367 7867 or lusandaz@markettheatre.co.za and Desmond Mathebula 062 329 4741 or desmondm@markettheatre.co.za


Whistleblowers at Ramolao Makhene Theatre for Two Performances

Continuing its recent successful run at National Arts Festival (NAF), where it won a Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award and was the talk of the town, Whistleblowers, directed by Rob Murray and Quintijn Relouw, will have two performances at the Ramolao Makhene Theatre on Saturday 23 July at 19.00 and Sunday 24 July at 15.00.

Whistleblowers tackles the themes of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and sexual assault through the lens of a high school girls’ hockey match. It is the final game of the season, and the championship title is on the line. But the stakes are much higher than that, as the play reveals back-stories and situations that the young women have been experiencing. As the lines between the game and social commentary start blurring, and the team finds a collective voice of anger and frustration at the plight of women in this country, the team needs to make a vital choice: attack or defend.

Shifting between physical and visual performance, searing storytelling, and surrealist dream sequences, Whistleblowers is an honest and tragicomic call to action. A war cry for the soul.

It has been created and performed by Reabetswe Gaentswe, Boitshepo Maile, Kgaogelo Makgoba, Modipadi Mokgohloa, and Phindiwe Qakoshe, with a special appearance by Quintijn Relouw.

Whistleblowers premiered at the AFDA JHB Experimental Festival, where it had an immediate impact. This was carried through to its NAF run, which saw weeping audiences, standing ovations, and the production hailed as one of the most talked-about shows at the festival.

Steve Kretzmann, veteran journalist and arts critic, and this year’s editor in chief of The Cue, writes: “So many women killed, raped, mutilated, left for dead. We know their names, some of them, most we don’t, or forget. They are all here, legions of our guilt and our ghosts, all murdered by men. These five performers bring them to raging life, with the desire for vengeance only the living can give to the dead. They are in your face, blood pumping through their veins. The energy is at cup fever pitch. This is a game that has to be won…None of this is played out directly, yet the message seeps through, becoming louder and clearer as the often dreamlike sequences layer upon each other. It is a solid team, well directed with touches of physical comedy reining in the didactic, with imaginative use of set and wonderful touches of mask work…Whistleblowers is a winning work.” (see the full review here)

The performances at the Ramolao Makhene Theatre see the first push of the show before its Gauteng and KZN festivals and schools’ tour for this year and next. It is a show that should be seen by every high school learner – male or female.

Tickets range from R90 with special prices for schools, students, and block bookings, and can be booked here: https://www.webtickets.co.za/v2/Event.aspx?itemid=1516983492

For more information, please contact Rob at rob@afda.co.za

Whistleblowers  is presented by AFDA JHB and Verity Productions.



This year, the Market Theatre Laboratory and TsaMmu offers a NEW part-time Screenwriting Course. This course sets out to help aspiring writers better understand key concepts necessary to developing story for Screen. Along with learning core screenwriting skills, participants will also get the opportunity to write their own short film. This will be done with help from our industry-expert course facilitator, Omphile Molusi.

Screen Acting

Screen Acting

23 April 2022 – 9 July 2022

1pm – 4pm


(Only 15 spaces are available)

This part-time introductory course focuses on acting techniques specifically for television and film. Over 12 3-hour sessions on Saturday afternoons, students will learn skills of script analysis, characterization, and acting craft by working practically with an experienced facilitator. Through the process of exploring various texts, and recording and analyzing on-screen performances, students will develop their understanding of acting techniques, develop their own acting process, and receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

Actor Wena Part-Time Acting Classes

Actor Wena Part-Time Acting Classes

23 April 2022 – 9 July 2022

9am – 12pm


(Only 75 spaces are available)

This course is an introduction to acting for people who have no previous experience, or for people who want to practice and hone their existing skills. Students meet over 12 classes on a Saturday morning from 9:00 to 12:00, from 23 Apr 2022 – 9 July 2022. Students explore acting concepts of character, relationship, objective and environment, through the selection and rehearsal of a monologue, which they perform for a public audience at the end of the cycle. Please note that in the event of a lockdown, classes will be suspended in line with government regulations. They will resume when it is safe and permitted to do so.

Opportunities to join KwaSha Theatre Company in its fifth year

Opportunities to join KwaSha Theatre Company in its fifth year

KwaSha Theatre Company, launched in 2018 by the Market Theatre Laboratory and the Windybrow Arts Centre, is looking for exceptional performing arts graduates to join the company in 2022. The purpose of the company is to serve as a bridge between graduates’ education and their professional careers. It provides guaranteed employment as a performer/theatre-maker for ten months and offers the opportunity to gain professional work experience and the space to learn and practise business skills. This is achieved through a programme of exciting and varied creative projects and collaborations, resulting in a repertoire of live and digital performances created by the company over the year. Included in the programme is opportunities to make original work that reflects the company’s unique voices and experiences as young South Africans, as well as work that challenges the conventional norms of theatre.

In its four years, KwaSha theatre company has been nominated for five Naledi Awards for The Little Prince, Rhinoceros and Currently (G)old, and has won a Bronze Ovation Award and Best Ensemble Award for Currently (G)old at the National Arts Festival. KwaSha has embarked on two national tours, and participated in numerous collaborations, including with the Centre for the Less Good Idea, Young Artist of the Year Jefferson Tshabalala, and Os Satyros Theatre Company (Brazil). Two productions created by KwaSha have been invited on international tours, including to the United States. Last year, KwaSha featured in an international digital collaboration, The Art Of Facing Fear, that included performers and audience across 4 continents and 10 countries and won two international Red Curtain Awards for Best Ensemble and Best Production. They presented a new play at the Ramolao Makhene Theatre, Peeling Shadows, which was featured on the main programme of the National Arts Festival this year. This year KwaSha the 4th’s highlights include An Updated Syllabus for the Woke, Little Fist, Big Heart! and One Night With Modjadji.

The success of the young creatives who have been KwaSha members bears testament to the value of providing opportunities for emerging theatre-makers to work collaboratively and develop their voices within the structure of a company. Next year’s KwaSha programme is particularly special because it is the company’s fifth anniversary, an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on a growing legacy.

Theatre-makers who have graduated from a reputable training institution within the last five years are eligible to be members of KwaSha Theatre Company. To apply, submit your CV and a motivation letter (that clearly states the skills, knowledge and other attributes that you would be able to contribute to the company) via email to Rudy Motseatsea at rudy@marketlab.co.za by 17:00 on Wednesday 1 December 2021.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit an audition video by 15 December, and final auditions will be held in person between 12 – 20 January 2022.  Final decisions will be made by Friday 21 January 2021. The company aims to begin operating from 1 February 2022.