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House of Pink Volume 2 launches the Market Theatre festive season programming!

The mesmerising and enthralling House of Pink Volume 2 makes its exciting return to the Market Theatre stages for FOUR NIGHTS ONLY from 27 – 30 October 2022.

This year’s production is going to be an unforgettable, spectacular extravaganza featuring 6 exceptional Drag Queens who are going to dazzle Johannesburg audiences with boisterous music, comedy and energetic dance moves.

House of Pink Volume 2 tells a story of a young Drag Queen searching for their identity, through Lip-synching, big hair and colourful bold costumes that will dare say, “This is who I am and I not going anywhere”.

Inspired by the ever evolving Drag Queer Culture and is driven by the narrative that is of self-identity. It is a Drag Show that is both educational and extremely entertaining, touching on themes like queer lives matter and the social injustices that the queer community experience.

I am especially excited as House of Pink Vol. 2 has also become a platform for queer artists who have been previously sidelined from performing on mainstream platforms such as of the Market Theatre stature. As we celebrate Pride Month, let’s also Celebrate each other as a people as  human, see each other, respect each other and most importantly let’s show each other Respect through Love. I am Truly Honoured once again to be Directing this Exceptional Drag show with 6 Beautiful Drag Artists” said Lebogang Toko.

House of Pink Vol 2 will not only bring to the fore important issues that relate to the struggles and lived experiences of Queer people in South Africa, but will also celebrate and elevate Queer artistry.

Drag is consistently breaking down gender norms and can thus be seen as ‘gender bending’. The art of drag allows one to transform oneself into absolutely anything. It is over the top, unapologetic and commands attention. Drag is AUDACIOUS!  

The artistry of drag is the ultimate colourful form of self-expression. House of Pink Volume 2 celebrates the art form in all its majestic glory with fun and laughter.

House of Pink Volume 2 will leave audiences breathlessly gushing over every diva on stage! Join us for an experience of a lifetime for as little as R150 per ticket!

Brace yourselves for a night of fierceness, fun and great entertainment.