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As part of the Kippies Fringe Programme of 2023, Kitso Seti presents PHUMAN’EBHABHILONI, a sonic movement. 

Kitso Seti is a Cape Town based artist of music (Hip Hop and Spoken Word) and Theatre. His work is premised on understanding what the being of Blackness entails in the world. His latest projects ‘eKhayelitsha’ and ‘Lot’s Wife: The Curse of Hoza & Ngxobongwana’ – which can be found on all digital music platforms – deal with the love and hate relationship he has with the township. Both tapes investigate how we arrived to now, from the times of colonization, investigating all that entails Blackness and campaigning for Black unity. Recently, he released his live room session, From the Books of Jeremiah: A Young Black Laments (2020, on YouTube), and participated with a live band to produce the live concert, PHUMAN’EBHABHILONI (2021).

From 2014 he involved himself with theatre, beginning with aUCT competition called Res4Res Festival which takes place per year. He won an Innovative Play award with his team in 2015. He later produced Imbawula, which won the Best Writer and Best Innovative Play at the Res4Res Festival in 2018. The show was later shown at the Baxter Theatre in July and December 2019. He is finalizing the writing process of his new play, Four Fathers: Bananas for the Baboons under the Masambe Writing Residency at the Baxter Theatre, a project by Lara Foot, the CEO of the Baxter. Kitso is part of the cast of Dipalo which won the Bronze medal in the Standing Ovation awards of the 2021 National Arts Festival. He hopes to grow as a theatre-maker and an art critic. His paper, The Land of Many Mothers (2020), a review of Nwabisa Plaatjie’s play When We Awake, (2020) can be found on iLiso Magazine

He runs a journal titled .ngaphakathi. where he writes theatre reviews and has recently wrote a feedback of Thando Doni’s Ndiza Kuwe.

Kitso Seti has also performed in Durban and Johannesburg, and has shared the stage with such prolific artists as Makhafula Vilakazi, Aymos, iPhupho L’ka Biko, LaliBoi, Thandeka Mfinyongo, Tankiso Mamabolo, Odwa Bongo, and Ndlulamthi, just to mention a few.  

Live at Kippies, at the Market Theatre, the Black Consciousness Spoken Word artist is accompanied by his family, including the Pan-Africanist band iPhupho L’ka Biko, the Johannesburg based poet Sabelo Soko, and the Cape Town based poetry duo Tongue Twisters Collective. PHUMAN’EBHABHILONI is a synthetic fusion of Spoken Word, Poetry, and Jazz. 

iPhupho L’ka Biko has just released its EP titled Azania, and can be found on all digital music streaming platforms. They are currently working on an album. Sabelo Soko has two projects on all digital music streaming platforms, ‘Umkhondo’ & ‘Spin Venek’. The Tongue Twisters Collective is working on blessing us with their music. Be sure to catch these amazing artists on a venue near you. 

Be sure to catch this sonic movement from the 2nd to the 4th of November at 19:30 daily. Tickets are found at Webtickets at R100 each.