We are looking for 8 writers who have written for other mediums other than theatre and who are interested in applying their skills to the craft of playwriting. This is a chance for writers who have published novels or poetry, have written for film, television, or journalism etc. to try their hand at playwriting and collaborate with theatre professionals.

You will advance an idea for a play through a structured set of workshops led by The Market’s Artistic Director. Masterclasses from seasoned South African playwrights (Fatima Dike, Craig Higginson, Phyllis Klotz, Smal Ndaba, and Paul Slabolepszy) will further enrich your writing process.

We encourage applications from anywhere in South Africa and from writers of all backgrounds, ages, and South African language groups.

To meet the minimum criteria for entry you must not have had a play you have written produced, plus you must match one of the following:

  • Have published as a writer in a medium other than theatre.
  • Are currently working as a professional writer in a medium other than theatre.
  • Have had a sustained career (5 years or more) as a professional writer in a medium other than theatre.

To apply, you will need to complete an application form along with the submission of a sample of your work of no more than 10 pages.

Applications should be submitted online by no later than Thursday 20 April 2023.

Successful applicants will be notified by no later than Monday 1 May 2023. They will be expected to commit to the programme from mid-May to end-October 2023. This will include:

  • attending weekly Saturday workshops from 2pm – 4:30pm starting 19 May to end-July (10 weeks) facilitated by The Market’s Artistic Director. These sessions will be held at The Market. Participants can attend virtually, if necessary.
  • attending masterclasses to be scheduled in consultation with the group, and subject to the respective mentor’s availability.
  • working consistently across the programme with the aim of completing a first draft of a new play by the end of October.

This is an exciting opportunity for writers to advance their skills beyond their current focus area while being part of a dynamic and supportive community of artists at The Market Theatre.

Applications for this round are now closed. Watch this space for future call outs.