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Ukutshintsha Kwekhasi

Rhasatsha Wengqiqo presents Ukutshintsha Kwekhasi as part of the Kippies Fringe Festival, the show aims to uncover and introduce innovative expressions of rhythmic and interactive poetry.

It is an integration of Jazz with spoken word, embodying a variety of emotions as the set preaches spirituality, peace and mental health awareness. 

Rhasatsha Wengqio, an award winning poet produces authentic spoken word poetry or original pieces that focus on societal issues and how we are able reinvent ourselves and be the birth givers of the future. 

The concert stands against the narrative that poetry has no value in shaping society, that it is not worthy of recognition and that it lacks variety and is unentertaining. Ours is to educate, liberate and inspire our community while also uplifting young poets. 

We can entertain but still leave a trail of knowledge. 

This will be Rhasatsha’s first performance in Johannesburg, courtesy of the Market Theatre and their Fringe programme, please come support her by watching her show from the 8th November to the 12th November. 

Come deal with reality, traumas and go home as a new person that wants to practice positivity.