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Vote for Me!

Windybrow Arts Centre in association with the National Children’s Theatre presents Vote for Me.

As South Africa celebrates 30 years of democracy, do the under-18s care about this historic milestone? When adults cast their vote, are they aware that they are voting for leaders who will determine the future of today’s teens? What does leadership even mean in this current moment? Teens may not have a political vote in this year’s polls, but as influencers and followers, they are voting – and leading – all the time. Every “like”, “subscribe” and “follow” is a vote of some kind – but what effects will their clicks and swipes have? 

“Vote for Me” is a new original production where teens get to construct the leader they desire, in an interactive piece presented by a powerful theatrical partnership. NCT joins together with the Kwasha! Theatre Company, Windybrow Arts Centre’s youth company, to ask serious questions in a playful way, designed to get teens talking – and taking charge! What does it mean to be a leader? Is there still a sense of trust between generations as we move into election season? 

With scripting by Ameera Patel, direction by Lesedi Job, choreography by Julia Burnham, sound design by Sne Dlala and playful performance by the 2024 Kwasha! Theatre Company, “Vote for Me” is aimed directly at high school learners from Grade 8 up, and by connecting the Life Orientation curriculum and the History curriculum in multiple ways, the piece challenges teenagers to think about what leadership means for them, and how to build a bridge between an iconic past and an uncertain future. 


Who are you voting for? For me, for you? For us? For them? Do we/they even care? Let this theatre production propel us into optimism as a new generation inherits the future.


“Vote for Me” opens on the 19th of February and runs until the 15th of March. For school bookings contact National Children’s Theatre (NCT) on 011 484 1584 and 

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