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The Windybrow Arts Centre

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The Windybrow Arts Centre is the 4th of the Market Theatre Foundation’s Arts divisions, framing itself as a space for thought leadership, Literacy and Pan African Expression. Nestled in the small cultural Hub of New Doornfontein, the Heritage house stands out from between the modern city buildings, boasting Victorian architecture from a by-gone era. The old lady, built in 1896, is one of one the oldest and treasured of the Johannesburg Heritage houses, under the department of the National Department of Sports Arts and Culture. In partnership with residency company Honest Travel Experiences, The Windybrow Heritage house becomes a keen tourist destination with a growing number of visitors interested in learning about the Johannesburg Gold Rush of the 18th Century.


Literacy events Discussions and Symposia

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Film Screenings Exhibitions and Performance

Youth Programmes


In 2017 Exclusive Books and The Coloured Cube partnered with the Market Theatre to fill the oak wood shelves in the Centre’s reading lounges with a grant of R200,000.00 worth of books from the expanse of the continent and diaspora. The Pan African Reading Lounges for both Adults and children has a selection of books in all South African languages. Canopied with vintage pressed ceiling and yellow wood floors, the high ceiling corridors lead into 2 studio spaces able to hold up to 80 people seated. The main boardroom exhibits 1 of The Market Theatre Foundation’s original Esther Mahlangu murals, truly merging the 2 heritage identities in one space.

Communities enjoy afternoon programmes, exposing young people to Drumming classes, Dance, Crafts, wellness workshops, reading and literacy activities to name a few. The Annual Africa Month Festival, a programme celebrating Arts across the continent and the diaspora in all disciplines, is a month long offering in it’s 3rd year of inception. The festival has showcased the works of Artists from Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Congo, and many more. The Windybrow’s key focus is creating a platform for discussion, exploring different topics, speaking to global social issues and matters of interest. Symposia link to talking points inspired by b ooks in our reading lounge, ecouraging litereacy in so doing. It’s hard to leave the premises without spending a few minutes if not the day browsing through the rich collection of books stacked in the wood framed reading rooms, members enjoy a full year of activities celebrating books and literature in the Johannesburg inner city.

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