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Zietsman returns to The Market Theatre with a gender-based violence cabaret

This Women’s Day, the English/Afrikaans cabaret Femme is Fatale will open at The Market Theatre for a limited season until the 18 August 2023.

In this original contemporary cabaret written by Bruce J Little and directed by Eloise Clasen, stage veteran Elzabé Zietsman and pianist Tony Bentel use stories and songs to shine a spotlight on gender-based Violence.

Most women are confronted by gender-based violence, but not enough of us are talking about it.  Zietsman compels you to engage and listen in this cutting cabaret about womanhood, dreams, love, friendship, acceptance, and murder.

Marna, Lian and Khanyi are three women trying to ride out life’s challenges and realise their dreams of better lives. However, like countless other women, they are confronted with gender-based violence.

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Marna feels old after Koos, her husband of 30 years, left her for someone younger. She adopts a dog and plans a visit to her daughters in Australia.  Lian knows from a very young age that she is trapped in the wrong body.  She saves every cent she makes to pay for hormone therapy and the necessary operations, so that she can be her true self.  Khanyi cleans houses and dreams of studying beauty therapy.  She walks long distances to work and back to save enough money to break the domestic worker cycle of the woman in her family.  These three women not only share chasing their dreams, they also get confronted by the same monster.

Elzabé Zietsman last performed at The Market Theatre in the late eighties. Since then she has built a prolific career as one of South Africa’s leading cabaret artists, mastering this form of performance. Earlier this year, this cutting cabaret was nominated for a kykNET Fiësta for best music-driven production.

Zietsman’s courageous and memorable performance in Femme is Fatale is an opportunity to see her at the top of her game. She tackles a script which offers a blistering account of women’s lives, and integrates songs that result in a heartfelt and moving show.