The Market Theatre Foundation beefs up its Management Team with dynamic appointees!

The Market Theatre Foundation beefs up its Management Team with dynamic appointees!

Isaac Bongani Mahlangu (Head of the Market Photo Workshop)
Gerard Bester (Head of the Windybrow Arts Centre)
Denise Rapitsi (Marketing and Communications Manager).

The Market Theatre Foundation, in spite of the difficulty in the recent years has not only maintained its global appeal but is now  looking at intensifying its brand reach by adding dynamic voices to its team with organizational growth and diversification as the main objectives for the next couple of years.

The recent appointments will ensure that the Foundation achieves its vision of creating an authentic South African cultural experience which is committed to providing the highest level of artistic excellence in all aspects of the performing and visual arts.  

Joining the Foundation’s management team is Isaac Bongani Mahlangu (Head of the Market Photo Workshop), Gerard Bester (Head of the Windybrow Arts Centre) and Denise Rapitsi (Marketing and Communications Manager).

We have an exciting task of maintaining the prestige of the organization along with the responsibility of ensuring its longevity and relevance in the industry, keeping up with the rapid changes of the student curriculum, finding interesting ways of keeping up with our competitors and also finding new exciting projects that will assist us in cultivating new audiences. It therefore was important for us to look for the finest people in the industry to add to the already dynamic team at the Foundation. It is always a daunting task to find the perfect fit for any position but hardly a month in they have adjusted so well to the high paced environment. I  am looking forward to the next few years with them and their integration with the rest of the team with the aim that the combination will propel the institution to further heights. ” said Market Theatre Foundation CEO Ms Tshiamo Mokgadi.

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Market Theatre 011 832 1641 ext 202 or 072 367 7867

16 days of Activism

16 Days of Activism

The 25th of November marks the beginning of 16 days of Activism, a global movement that calls upon the nation to be advocates and activists against issues that affect us on a daily such as gender-based violence, discrimination and hate against our fellow citizens. As part of the 16 days, 4 international days of commemoration are branched under the umbrella of the movement, these are; International day of no violence against women, International Human Rights day, World aids day and the International day for people with disabilities.

Community play SIFU (The Cage) wins the Market Theatre Zwakala Festival for 2022

The Market Theatre continues to tickle the curiosity of South African audiences with its distinctive voice in the curation of its artistic programming in 2022.

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Opportunities to join KwaSha Theatre Company in its fifth year

Opportunities to join KwaSha Theatre Company in its fifth year

KwaSha Theatre Company, launched in 2018 by the Market Theatre Laboratory and the Windybrow Arts Centre, is looking for exceptional performing arts graduates to join the company in 2022. The purpose of the company is to serve as a bridge between graduates’ education and their professional careers. It provides guaranteed employment as a performer/theatre-maker for ten months and offers the opportunity to gain professional work experience and the space to learn and practise business skills. This is achieved through a programme of exciting and varied creative projects and collaborations, resulting in a repertoire of live and digital performances created by the company over the year. Included in the programme is opportunities to make original work that reflects the company’s unique voices and experiences as young South Africans, as well as work that challenges the conventional norms of theatre.

In its four years, KwaSha theatre company has been nominated for five Naledi Awards for The Little Prince, Rhinoceros and Currently (G)old, and has won a Bronze Ovation Award and Best Ensemble Award for Currently (G)old at the National Arts Festival. KwaSha has embarked on two national tours, and participated in numerous collaborations, including with the Centre for the Less Good Idea, Young Artist of the Year Jefferson Tshabalala, and Os Satyros Theatre Company (Brazil). Two productions created by KwaSha have been invited on international tours, including to the United States. Last year, KwaSha featured in an international digital collaboration, The Art Of Facing Fear, that included performers and audience across 4 continents and 10 countries and won two international Red Curtain Awards for Best Ensemble and Best Production. They presented a new play at the Ramolao Makhene Theatre, Peeling Shadows, which was featured on the main programme of the National Arts Festival this year. This year KwaSha the 4th’s highlights include An Updated Syllabus for the Woke, Little Fist, Big Heart! and One Night With Modjadji.

The success of the young creatives who have been KwaSha members bears testament to the value of providing opportunities for emerging theatre-makers to work collaboratively and develop their voices within the structure of a company. Next year’s KwaSha programme is particularly special because it is the company’s fifth anniversary, an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on a growing legacy.

Theatre-makers who have graduated from a reputable training institution within the last five years are eligible to be members of KwaSha Theatre Company. To apply, submit your CV and a motivation letter (that clearly states the skills, knowledge and other attributes that you would be able to contribute to the company) via email to Rudy Motseatsea at by 17:00 on Wednesday 1 December 2021.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit an audition video by 15 December, and final auditions will be held in person between 12 – 20 January 2022.  Final decisions will be made by Friday 21 January 2021. The company aims to begin operating from 1 February 2022.


This is a story from the past, a story that still lives in the present and one that will continue to be a staple in the history of mankind for centuries to come. When one of the most important masterpieces of Italian literature meets the art of dance and the beauty of some of the South African languages, the only possible outcome is an experience that will leave you questioning the secrets of the afterlife.


To celebrate 700 years of the death of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, Joburg Ballet and Italian Institute of Culture of Pretoria have collaborated to create a dance performance based on Alighieri’ “The Divine Comedy taking the audience on a journey through the first realm of the great beyond:


For the first time since it was written, parts of the poem have been translated into the South African languages of Zulu, Sesotho, Xhosa and Afrikaans. This extraordinary event has been the inspiration behind the creation of this ballet and it represents one of its key elements, together
with the wonderful score by Hans Zimmer “The Gladiator which accompanies the story beautifully. The journey of our protagonist, Dante, is narrated through music, dance and spoken word, and it takes us among some of the most conic sections of the poem, in a scenery filled with desolation and eternal despair. You will experience the concept of Hell through the eyes of the Italian poet as he
within the depths of eternal damnation, meeting historical and mythical characters from centuries long
gone, listening to their stories of life and death and taking us face to face with Lucifer himself. Abandon all hope, you who enter here”.

“Dante and Virgil in the Ninth Circle of Hell” by Gustave Doré


Blood Knot – is love color deep?

Blood Knot – is love color deep?

Global theatre icon Athol Fugard’s production Blood Knot will make its unmissable return to the world renowned Market Theatre stages for a limited season 15 October – 14 November 2021. Join us as we deliver this remarkable classic as part of the 45 year celebrations.

Multi award winning theatre creatives team up for the first time to bring to life this timeless production sixty years after its first premier in 1961. This highly regarded  play makes its return to the Market  under the directorship of the Artistic Director James Ngcobo starring multi-dimensional acting veterans Mncedisi Shabangu and Francois Jacobs.

Television dynamite actor Francois makes his long awaited return at the Market Theatre in a riveting role that will challenge him like never before.

Fugard pens the most amazing piece that tackles the theme of Brotherhood. The play is based in the suburb of Korsten in Port Elizabeth,  a place packed with people who are desperately trying to find an opportunity that will offer them some hope.  

We witness how the two brothers navigate the intricacies of being stuck in a place that offers them nothing but it’s squalor and the poverty they are confronted with every single moment. They are forced to dream of another reality, something else beyond. The theme of hope is very present in this play. Blood Knot has a very delicate conversation with our present realty, it poses questions about the collective journey that we have embarked on as a society, its pertinence to the contemporary landscape and how much about it is, timeless. 

Blood Knot is dedicated to the memory of the great Zakes Mokae who made the role of Zacharia famous.

What will be exciting to audiences is Shabangu  coming home to his first love and his interpretation of the role of Zacharia will leave audiences breathless and yearning for more riveting theatre. He has over the years mastered every role given to him across television and theatre. He will hold nothing back as  he delivers a pulsating and enduring performance!

 Blood Knot delves into the bone of love between brothers the kind that transcends skin color! Like all great classic plays Blood Knot is both relatable and searingly intimate!

Audiences will be treated to premium theatre production that will give them a performance that tackles race, love and brotherhood in a way they have never experience before. Catch this unmissable production for as little as R150 – Book your seats now!